"YOBORI" is a japanese slang term for western style 'tattooing done with a machine'

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Here at YOBORI-INK we are determined to provide a friendly, enjoyable and high quality tattoo experience from start to finish. 

We offer both TATTOO and LASER TATTOO REMOVAL Services. 

We are here to discuss your designs using the best technology available on the market to ensure you are 100% happy with your choice before needle touches skin. 

All our tattooing products are of the highest quality money can buy, and wherever possible, all items used for the tattooing process are fully disposable after each use. This is to minimise risks of cross contamination and to keep your tattoo investment looking as good as it did the day you left the studio. 

We provide a modern and welcoming studio space so both artist and client are happy and relaxed in a friendly environment. We want you to feel as much as at home as we do! 

So pop by to say hello and we'd be more than happy to discuss your ideas and help you along to getting your next tattoo! 

Prices and Payment

Tattoos are priced by the piece rather than by the hour. 

For big projects such as sleeves and back pieces we have a day rate of £400. 

Artist's from time to time may do special fixed prices on their custom designs. These fixed rates will be published on Facebook and Instagram.  

To secure your booking with us, we require a 50% deposit on the appointment you are booking in for (i.e a £140 tattoo will require a £70 deposit to secure the slot). We will advise you openly and honesty on the quoted price for your desired piece, but please bear in mind that any design changes by request of the client, or pain thresholds resulting in an uncompleted slot will result in a price change. 

This deposit is to protect not only your booking but to protect the artist's time for drawing your designs out-with their normal tattooing hours. 

Please respect the decision of the artist for prices quoted on their works as this is non-negotiable.  


One free touch up session is provided on tattoos within 3 months of them being completed subject to the correct aftercare being applied to your new tattoo. 

We provide an aftercare goody bag at cost price of the products, to enable you to take home the best products for your tattoo to heal. Our aftercare sheet should be followed correctly so as not to void any free touch ups on tattoos.